Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carrot Sticks

Carrot Sticks

Never the color

juice of deflated

sea grains tasting
sun sky combs

brushing through clouds
in lengthy orange cubes

between teeth they
crunch smack snap in

cheek pockets
cozy cots of skin

line up horizontal bunks
on a tray for dipping

morsels or muscles
into muscles or morsels

out of the dark velvet ground
out of the cool dip of soil

out of what has now caved in
now nestled anew

your taproots twitch in slumber after
in a belly bed bruised with pillows

under a sky of intestines
stomachscapes of inflorescent fields

are you red or purple
are your petals budding white

will dreams be crispy
bundles of pollen

we will not know
till the morning up

by inedible yawning
by constant greens

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