Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tea Party

Previously a poem about two girls having tea had been posted here, but I am submitting it to a magazine, so it is no longer available. I have however left the note about what inspired me to write it. I believe that the title of the poem will actually be "Frightened Away"

-Surprisingly enough, this one was somewhat inspired by my reading T.S. Eliot earlier today. I realize it looks nothing like his work and now all together forget what line of his poetry first motivated me to write this, especially since I've now read his "Triumph of Bullshit" and have a completely different perspective of Eliot's work than the one I had twelve hours ago (I still don't think I have an accurate perspective or if ever I will). Still I hope you have enjoyed my first poem regarding tea, which I've written without ever having tea in a garden party setting yet. I'm sure we'll remedy this soon.

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