Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank the Moon!

Thank the moon!
For being so full
She feeds upon the dark spaces
Of the sky
Off the same
Silver plate month after month
She licks it clean
Just enough for us to see
The glimmer of her saliva
Just little enough for us to make
Out stories from the crumbs
And their shadows
As I sit upon the granite counter
As you lean over the edge of the sink
And we point out each tale with kitchen lights off

Thank the moon!
For being so indecisive
Have we harvested tonight
Shall it be squash soup?
Or has she brought the knife home
And sliced us a smile of white watermelon?
Do we deserve to feast upon a bulbous bun
Or a bowl of black eyed peas?
Has she spoken to the stars?
Are they grating cheese
Or adding infinite shakes of salt?
Please just surprise us
We promise to keep the candles unlit

Thank the moon!
For her consistency
Though her outfit and taste buds vary
From occasion to occasion she arrives always
With the exception of rainy days
So that might we have
Reason to return and gaze fondly
She allows for the guests and feasts and songs
Holding the appetizers out over our noses
It is a game to her but it is our livelihood

Thank the moon!
For being such an artful escapist
What a tease for we’ve seen her work
But not had a taste
Upon her silver plate
You see crispy crustaceans clinging to carnival balloons
Drifting out of reach
I see garlic bread being obliterated by a colony of vampires
We both see the Caesar salad leaves falling away for autumn
This must be how she has mastered managing her appetite
And attending supper with all who request her presence

Thank the moon!
For starving us
Might not we have seen each other
Should she not have kept the fruits to herself
Her light cradles us in the window
Her light ladles into our tempted eyes
And suddenly your hands are not leaning over the sink
And my legs are not dangling over the counter
Somehow the fridge has jolted open in our kitchen
And the new light floods
Except in the place where we’ve caught a crumb
The moon sees its story for her side of the table
She sees a lady and a man reaching for the same jar
How she’s showed them they are so hungry
How they now feel so full!

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