Sunday, April 4, 2010

the favorite things

Meetings and suits
Missed lunches
Business dinners
All to end in the late
Arrival at the Marriott

Aching legs and back
Even an aching suitcase
And tired eyes of black type
Across the pages cranking
Out sales points
Level out

Checked into the room
Slide the card
Go on green
Drop bags
Drop pants
Use the newly rinsed
Bowl and sink
While unbuttoning all else

On edge's bed
I catch glimpse of dresser's
Bottom drawer held open
By a cream color cloth jammed

Left behind:
A tote bag containing
A rainbow striped hair clip
In the shape of a heart
A Cherry Merry Muffin doll
With a strawberry skirt
The faint aroma of pound cake
A pair of white ponies
Stars and clouds painted on rears
A blue tutu
Glitter and goo-goo-eyes glued on
Fit for a four-year old

Folding the goodie bag back in
I sigh for day's end
Wondering whether my work
Can even compare
To the brick wall
Before her lost dreams

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