Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poem 11 - orientation

For [as long as] I’ve known about [sexual choice]
People have requested designation to either one
Side or the other or the interest in bisexuality
Under vague responses peers and parents assume
Wearing baggy shorts and winking at women
I’ve been labeled a lesbian
Being found in boys’ beds with scrambled hair
I’ve been claimed straight
When my lips are first searching they don’t wander
Far from necks and chins and cheeks
And when they’ve struck the smack of their sharing
Lips do not indicate the bearing of male or madame
A mouth merely [matches] another’s mouth
With a blindfold one cannot tell the difference
Without external minds implementing [that] forced tag
I’d like to leave genders alone
And let someone else drive my orientation
Into a bed where pillow cases have crossed
And a single blanket is shared
And my orientation does not lump me into a group
But is titled by the name [of my lover]

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