Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poem 5 - Pants Eat Pants

Well this one didn't turn out the way that I wanted to, but I'm posting it anyway because this is my April-month goal. I am not doing any major editing until this whole creation period is over probably. So you'll just have to endure the rough versions for now. Sorry!

Pants Eat Pants

One summer I bought the greatest pants
They liked to stretch! They liked to dance!
And I began to wear them every day
Even the my other pairs would say

“Hey what about us? You’ve got to change
Wearing the same thing all the time is strange
Not to mention they make you smell like you’ve not taken bath
And have the aroma of last night’s noodles that fell in your lap

And do we sniff a hint of the dog’s doody you stepped in on the path?
Why the atrocity of the thing just makes us laugh”
But truth was that my clothes could not smell us
I knew since I’d not worn them that they were just jealous

Our laundry day I switched to my soft cotton pajamas
To clean the greatest pants and silence the others’ drama
But before I could pull them out of the machine
Maybe even before the poor pants could be cleaned

My jeans, shorts, and skirts threw down their zippers and snapped open their buttons
And chased the greatest pants for their super power struttin’
They ate those great pants with their hip-hugging rims
And called for a lint war to wash out the final trims

Yes there was a great battle in that water vortex
And now again I change bottoms each day, all right, who’s next?

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