Monday, April 12, 2010

Poem 9 - abandoned island items

abandoned island items:

late              airy                                    summer
dress    blooming         like pollen
     pods    squeezing     out     like  a  message
crinkle                 in a glass       cola bottle
                 washed in salty bathwater of ocean
umbrellas caught upside down
   popped open together cheating the origami
game: lantern or lampshade

puddles they run through trampolines
and  sometime  t-shirts   and   trousers
only one providing an inevitable
vertical thrust               claiming itself
the ring of merriment       determining
pants and tees as hollow hung     tents
for the ones with pebbled and sanded skin

the forgotten ones’       skin shades vary
                   depending on the angle of the sun
shards cutting the constant           ly changing territories
as clouds they shift from tree to rock to pool
table settings of salty teacups with only lonely sunrises
           drawing out the flavor of any
semblance of tea
time for the chatter         where   stillness    reigns
all tall tales with the same ending
question:           where does the sun keep its shadow

here rocks are more often thrown at planes
in place             of harsh words for the giant
scraps              of faded paper returned to shore
time and time    again broken frequencies scramble
faster: the red    lizards or blue
striped hummingbirds
gone, gone        like the land octopi and coconuts
frightened or cut away at the dawn
of newcomers and
their noisy treasures and

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