Saturday, March 12, 2011

left-handed lipogram - Deer Treats!

Lately I've been looking into Oulipo and discovered the left-handed lipogram, which is a poem that is written with only the left side of the keyboard. It was a fun exercise that I would encourage trying. Here is the piece that I produced, enjoy!:

deer treats!

average cedar
seed swag
sacred ragweed
grass axes
grafted trees
severed dredges
safer darts
averted gazes
gagged dastards
arrested traders
fat rears
fear extracted
regretted tadas
car swerves
severe vexes
garage access
rare feed
red tea
rafter vests
free faxes
wax cards
tattered rags
café tarts
dragged saxes
excess feasts
rewarded greed
water stars
westward sex
wet ewes
revered eves
dew graves
a weft~wave


Dara said...

This is really awesome. I want to try it.

sycalvillo said...

Thanks! You should try it! It's a lot of fun, somewhat like a puzzle. Then post it so I can read it!!!