Thursday, March 3, 2011

a new hope...

Currently I'm in a course called by poetry machines, in which we have focused on Oulipo poetry and are inventing our own machines to drive our poetry. One of the poets in the class has created a form that is based off of blog entries, and this previous week she mentioned that referring to blogs can sometimes be repetitive because a good number of blog posts begin with "sorry for not posting in a while, but this finally warranted an excuse to put something down in here" more or less. So to circumvent that scenario I have waited until the 1,2,3rd sentence to say, wow there's a big gap between the last time I wrote and now (sort of like how there's a gaping hole (time, plot, moral standards, etc.) between the stars wars prequels and originals (I don't frequently reference star wars, it just seemed to fit with the entry title...also I just finished watching the reviews put out by RedLetterMedia check it out). Sorry for the tangent...but unlike the Star Wars epic, the newer posts in here will be an improvement from previous works of art (hopefully, or else I'm in more trouble than I know).

I'm also going to start posting in here things like events that I perform at, as well as publications of mine, in case anyone is interested in looking them up. So I'll take a moment here to post the past few I've been in just to catch you up. Unfortunately Seele Literary and Produce Magazines don't have websites, because they have merged and have found new management since publications with them. But check out Nameless Magazine which is an awesome student-run magazine at UCDavis:

I also have my poem "C[ase] 88" printed in Zyzzyva, but it seems their website is currently under construction, so I'll link you to it later.

Stay tuned, poetry and essays are on their way!

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