Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dumpster Dress

Here's an old poem that was published on Nameless Magazine online, but is no longer available on the site. Nameless updates their online fiction and poetry regularly and have a great assortment of work that I would recommend checking out!

Dumpster Dress

And here, pulling up in the Wal-Mart Shopping cart,
comes the unforgettable Miss Blech.

Last time she stepped up to the red carpet,
she was adorned in a classic potato sack
custom-made and hand-stitched.

Tonight she is garbed in a risqué bubble wrap,
quite possibly shipped as an industrial size roll.

There isn’t a fan out here that can take his eyes off her.

The translucent material is wrapped mail safe
around her chest into a provocative tube top;
the plastic forms a white haze like thin clouds grazing her skin,
so that her nipples are no more than two mysterious red suns.

The skirt is also crafted out of those delightful air pockets,
a blue-hued tissue paper trims the edge,
and just barely spills to her thighs.

This is quite a fashion statement.
One of a kind
A kind of one
A one…kind of
She has received several eye-popping glances now.

But this gown is only as appropriate and revealing as
other award winning celebs’. What more could be done
to push the envelope other than wearing a discarded envelope?

Torn tin foil for a bracelet,
Colored funnies from the Sunday news for sleeves,
Packing peanuts instead of precious pearls,
A Pete’s Pizza box in place of a brand name purse,
or straws as a stand-in for sweet cigars?

The little accessories that keep her mediocrity
from hitting the hot or not page.

She is now approaching the spaghetti sauce trail.
Let’s see who the next arrival is.

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