Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ghost Town

I am very grateful to have two of my poems published in Ghost Town, a magazine published by California State University San Bernardino. The edition features Bob Hicok as well as many other great poets and writers. Please check it out, you can order copies here.

My poems included are "Avalanche" and "At the Crosswalk: a Car and a Man" dedicated to my grandfather (Funny Grandpa) who passed a little under a year ago. Here is another poem that I wrote about him at the time:

Birthday Parties

Funny Grandpa is the type of person
Who won’t show up at the park for his own
Birthday party, even though it is his favorite
Place to stroll with a book on Sundays

He does not want you to go out of your way
For his sake, surely you have better things to do
Than swing a bat at a piƱata and eat cake
With chili peppers for candles

Instead he sits at home petting his pit bull
Ashing pages of poetry, probably contemplating
How people do not exist when they are out of sight
How parties dissipate when he does not arrive

The first time he forgot to call and cancel, my aunt cried
She is crying now though absence is common on occasions
Still we all sit here in the shady trees eating carnitas tacos
Toasting to that Funny Grandpa with homemade jamaica

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