Thursday, December 8, 2011

Autolycus: a rogue literary journal

Autolycus is a rogue literary journal edited by my dear friends, including Genie Cartier. This week they have come out with their third issue "Frames." Two poems from my "mini" series (mini because most of these poems could fit in your palm) are included in the issue, alongside the works of Paul Hoover, Jackson Meazle, and several other great poets. Issues are available at City Lights in SF or by mail through the website which is linked here.

Below are two poems from the mini series, to give you a taste of my miniature work:

More Sprinkles

When I say to my mother:
The only reason you wanted children was to get away with eating extra sprinkles on breakfast cake.
She merely shrugs…

Photo courtesy of Ryan Deal

this poem
could not
have been

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