Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 2: West Wind Review

The 2012 edition of West Wind Review is now available here and is the second item on my list for national poetry month. A list of the poets included is available on the website. This one is difficult for me to review because there are so many writers with so many unique voices and ideas. I suppose I’ll just start by saying that several pieces threw me into embarrassing fits of giggles, from Adam J Maynard’s “Getting out of My Body” which begins

A little Frankenstein
Working at the snack bar…

to Andrew Terhune’s “John Belushi” in which there are pockets full of delicious surprises. Some recurring themes that I noticed were the use of animals and anal attention, though not necessarily at the same time. There are lots of horses, beef, and bears, oh my! Especially talking horses and bears (no talking beef if my memory serves me). There are also special appearances by Kim Jong Il, Mussolini, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Morgan Freeman, Jane Goodall, and my favorite Barbara Streisand.

I couldn’t help but snatch up words and phrases from the magazine, so I’ll end with this found poem.

Feather Direction

for an umbrella sitting in
for a garbage bin

lots and lots of tape
enough to make a person
-sized box of glazed donuts

Suggestive cake
lipsticked cicadas
beloved peanuts
knife a zoo

Salesmen are drumsticks
when it comes to cat attacks
does 13 pages = 13 lives?

the taste of the larynx
holograms coming into
consciousness realizing

they are more
like vampires than humans
33 vertebrae on a string
flirting with artic Giants

tell everyone everyone’s
mad, Tchaichovsky
made Spaghetti too
Date: $ Robots.

dead-enders making love
like a real prayer
fingered by mustard, a good
wife, alcoholism, and so on

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