Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belated April 30x30

This post is coming two months too late, I realize, but I thought I should address it at some point: once again I failed to accomplish my poetry month 30x30 goal.  Maybe for 30 years I'll just create increasingly outrageous poetry month goals and never accomplish one of them, I think I could at least handle that!  I also would like to think that I did not completely pass April by without literary commitment.  I got a little stuck on some other reading, which is what made it somewhat difficult to keep up with reading a new book everyday.  If I try this again I'll have to keep in mind that anthologies and novels can get in the way of the quantitative goal.  Qualitatively, I've been quite pleased with my reading.  I picked up a few anthologies (so I read well over 30 poets...just not 30 books): Twentieth Century Latin American Poetry (Stephen Tapscott ed.) and Postmodern American Poetry (Paul Hoover ed.)  I also fell into a fantasy/magical realism novel kick as I tend to do when closing in on the summer: Hard Boiled Wonderland/The End of the World (Haruki Murakami), Pedro Paramo (Juan Rulfo), and A Game of Thrones (George R. R. Martin).

The anthologies have inspired me to pick up other poetry books that, based on the excerpts I've seen so far, I would recommend: Imaginary Elegies by Jack Spicer, Meditations in an Emergency by Frank O'Hara, Bean Spasms by Ted Berrigan/Ron Padgett/Joe Brainard, as well as poetry by Russel Edson, Paul Violi, and Bob Perelman.  I'm also going to indulge in the guilty pleasure of finishing the Game of Thrones series.

As a last note: Lollapaganza was a total success and an awesome festival, lots of poets and ridiculousness.  While there I picked up the latest copy of Abraham Lincoln (issue 7).  Buy your copy here!