Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why shouldn't he

Here's a new mistranslation. I'm taking poems and doing what I call "inverse translations" where I write the opposite word, phrase, or sentiment of a poem.  This one is an inverse translation of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "What could she say to the fantastic foolybear" from A Coney Island of the Mind

Why shouldn’t he drive into agony as one pulls up to the drive-thru
and why shouldn’t he take a punch like a little sister
and why shouldn’t he bewilder
                                    the pup by depriving it of its cucci cucci coo
and why shouldn’t he stifle diamond spew
to counter the place that spoke in dust
                                                under the blood checkered picnic blanket
                        in that freezing summer shade
                                    where leaves returned from the seed’s grave
                                                and reattached to the Fall trees
where birds’ throats applauded
                        and home owners chucked their nests
            to make way
                                                for the eggs gathering round