Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inverse Translation #1 after Sasha Fletcher

when i wake up i wake up with the shadows tucked away
an inverse translation after Sasha Fletcher

by Susan Calvillo

Last night I closed my eyes to the sun and said
You are the black hole I will never live through.
I forget about shut-ins and takeout.
I forget about thievery and high numbers
I used to know better. I destroy eleven hundredths
of a banquet. I like to do my share.
I refuse to buy clothes. They are just a pool
of slowly expanding holes. I want the kind of fame
that keeps my profile out of it and a salary
that proves my dedication to art. I can’t believe
that there are people in this world
even after these skyscrapers and smokestacks
were dismantled too late and when they see fish on the water they think
this is all because of me. I don’t have free time but if I did
I’d glue books together and wear pages on the subway
where I won’t charge anyone to read me
night after night and when I open my mouth
the world stills and earthquakes sleep.

This is an inverse translation of Sasha Fletcher's “when i go to bed i go to bed with the lights on."
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For Fletcher's original poem follow the link here.

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