Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inverse Translation #2 after Catherine Blauvelt

Furless Polar Bears in the Binocular
an inverse translation after Catherine Blauvelt

by Susan Calvillo

Don’t be dune.
  Don’t be echo.
    Radiate radio radiation stopper.
Plankton forge in food chain.

 Spit and bow limb.
Glazing over jargon.
  A forehead. A frustration. Lava flowers
there in the happy-go-lucky

corporate-owned evening news.

    Oceans teeter
totter through
Call it indigestion.
 When there are traces,
  Call them lips.

      You are all-knowing.
        You retroactive antediluvian.

The lovers stray

ordering an over-priced filet
with a dash of cesium, sweet
     fog horns.

Each minute waves the coasts.

This is an inverse translation of Catherine Blauvelt's "One Hand in the Fig Basket."
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For Blauvelt's original poem follow the link here.