Friday, January 17, 2014

Inverse Translation #3 after Roberto Bolaño

The Tadpole Outside the Tadpole the Words Outside the Words and the Anonymous Outside the Anonymous
an inverse translation after Roberto Bolaño

by Susan Calvillo

Don’t go telling me about absence, don’t tell me what you lack
when fish are found in green
and you’re staggering for some ground, your shirt
buttoned and ballooned and forehead beaded as if you’d just
delivered a child.
I don’t want to know the absence of that greeny meadow,
in that impulsive meadow, with toes wading
into the most pacific of blades
where unbound eyes all look the same.
Spooned river of naivety carried or driven by those who build
empires with blueprints of the water running
in reverse, pulsing back up the hills.
Just don’t, don’t tell me about absence. What color
settles in your stomach. What fisheyes are left on your plate.

This is an inverse translation of Roberto Bolaño's "A Fly Inside a Fly a Thought Inside a Thought and Mario Santiago Inside Mario Santiago."
Never heard of the Inverse Translation Project? Read about it here.
For Bolano's original poem follow the link here

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