Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inverse Translation #4 after Amy King

Kite Facts
an inverse translation after Amy King

by Susan Calvillo

Give up. Unravel the sky’s flatline of chest falling
to peak into horizon. Then raise your toes ceiling-ways,
a hot coal walk, under air, out of solar depths.
Left there, away now. The lackluster of static refrains
playing close by from a magenta tombstone radio, Emerson 707.
It’s not your father after the signal.
Nor a school boy tinkering in pocket watches.
The roof tiles snap with burrowing vines we neglected
to rouse. We sit in the garden’s progression,
antimatter swarming—concrete memories chipping, escaping distinction.
Fish eggs strung from cirrocumulus clouds
our meteorologists unravel with wormholes, statements
freezing in the open air into knots. None of us are
the same bone, cloudy atoms in a perpendicular consciousness.
We depart from the beds behind us, our oratory box springs
out of tune with the organ, thoughts rolling in the appendix
of space, in hiding and unobserved.
Quills and cosmic disks, like broomsticks.
Steel plates in ceilings become frames for sanctuary,
mighty and public. We join like air with buttons
under tongues to pass through portals called doors.
They grimace when we leave with our hearts
to pick locks with quills, abandoning organs on the other side of the world.
The navel of the next horizon collects
its fleshy nakedness behind us. We are neither different
nor the living spirit of fish who know the silence of static better than we.

This is an inverse translation of Amy King's "String Theory."
Never heard of the Inverse Translation Project? Read about it here.
For King's original poem follow the link here

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