Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Mistranslation of Justin, Etc.'s "translating, translating..."

mistranslating “translating translating Joseph Burgess’ John Clare” by Justin, Etc.
by Susan Calvillo

a deflated life vest can make the difference
hanging over a headboard        it’s a conversation
starter              after she breaks her pinky in bed
            the crow’s nest is there to save you
for last when sinking
that is…unless             you’re just another grumpy sea monster
not in the mood
for overcast waters as you sleep on your bed of tube worms
                        preying on their hydrothermal vents
                        you were half-merman, I thought

I can’t believe
I can’t believe you’re shaved for this
I’m sorry I got lipstick on your coffee cup                 she said
            I’m sorry                     you said
for bringing my wife along again
the Flying Duchess
may be a Fata Morgana
unlikely, she told you
                        not before sunrise

one morning                in the salt mist
you should like to make a mirage of her
the sound of sails heaving
            the ebb of lips and ships
so that her head may be
always above water
then her broken pinky
might not
            interrupt the groping sea

Monday, April 21, 2014

Justin, Etc.'s Self Portrait of the Poet Suicided by the MFA Degree

Come celebrate the release of Justin, Etc.'s first full-length book of poetry, published by the Gorilla Press. Hear Justin perform from the book, pick up your very own copy, and then party with us and the author to the wonderful tunes provided by DJ C@L.

When: April 24 @ 7pm
Where: The Make-Out Room
Along with friends: Stephen Rosenshein, Carolyn Ho, Anhvu Buchanan, Susan Calvillo, DW Lichtenberg, and Joe Burgess

About the book:
At first glance, the wary reader may label Justin, Etc. a hoarder of words, but in truth he is a collector of rare antiques, lost oddities, and never-before-released vinyls. His poetry seamlessly blends the things that were with the things that are, forming musical narratives that span the pop culture of decades as well as our modern concerns. This may sound like some vast ground to cover, but Justin, Etc. is a cufflinks and sneakers kind of man. He pulls it off. The best way to enjoy Justin's work is to let it intimidate you, then to embrace it. By the end of this book, you'll find you've started collecting too.